Family-to-Family Tip Sheets


Families are a wealth of information! Click on the following links to read their helpful tips.


Getting the Best from Your Child's Health Care Visit

Eleven great ideas to get the best from your child's health care visit, for families of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.


Getting to Know Your Child’s Exceptional Needs Care Coordinator/Intensive Care Manager | Spanish

If your child is on Healthy Kids, and has a complex or chronic medical condition, this information is for you.


Getting You to the Conference | Spanish

Check out these tips from other families on how to get to conferences on a budget.


Partnering with Providers

This Family Voices guide is used all over the country to help improve family-physician relationships.


Requesting Durable Medical Equipment

A team of parents and professionals put these tips together to help the process go more smoothly.


When Insurance Won't Pay

Ideas for funding services when insurance is tapped out, or you wish to supplement coverage.


My Child's Team

Helpful tool to keep families organized: use this form to remember the names and phone numbers of the professionals who work with your child.


Funding Resources for Children with Special Health Needs

Programs that may help you find funding for your child's health or educational needs.


Finding Respite Care

Strategies to locate child/respite care providers.


Your Child's Medical Home

How to find out if your health provider's office is considered an Oregon Patient-Centered Primary Care Home (PCPCH).


Finding or Starting a Support Group

Starting or joining a support group will provide opportunities for both growth and change for you and your group members.


Transition Planning Questions

Here are some things other youth with special health needs suggest you think about as you take charge of your own health care.


Developmental Disabilities Services

What are Developmental Disabilities and is your child eligible for Developmental Disabilities Services?


Choosing Health Plans

Affordable Care Act (ACA): New tools for families on choosing health plans.


Insurance Jargon

Affordable Care Act (ACA): What insurance jargon means for families.


Problem Tracking Sheet

Use this tracking sheet when trying to solve a particular insurance, health care, educational or other systems problem.


Moving from the Pediatrician to an Adult Health Care Provider

Ideas for finding an adult care provider for young adults with special health needs.


You are an Advocate!

Tips for being an advocate for your child with special health needs.



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